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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Felicia: 1/8 Started

Well, she's hard to find. But this kit was poorly casted. Check out all the pin holes and mold lines. It's taking me awhile to fix her up. And what makes it worse is the high humidity this week. It's been raining nearly non stop and I can't prime her to check the seam lines so far. :(

MOMA celebrates Miyazaki & Isao Takahata, of Studio Ghibli in NYC!

But apparently, the MOMA was screening various films throughout the month of June. I've already seen most of them, but it's still something nice to go out, watch a movie and browse around the museum.

I came back from last night watching My neighbor the Yamadas. I loved that movie when I first saw it, and wouldn't mind see'n it again.
It's like an animated, comedy, comic strip style film that centers around silly everyday family life.
I'd recommend anyone to try and watch this one (especially if you're from an asian background). You'd get a kick out of it. And today (their last day), they're playing Mononoke.


FOmar pinky:st : Getting Started

Alright. Time to get on my feet and start uploading my current projects. Cause lord knows, I got too much on my work table.

One of my projects I've been working on is converting my current pinky:st into a fomar (you could see the reference pic in the back).
I thought these pinky's are perfect since they're meant to be swapped around with different outfits and hair cuts. Much like my character in Phantasy Star Online.
:) I make sure I make enough meseta to change my outfit regularly.
I started by examining various designs and made a base for his ponytail haircut. I use Magic Sculpt, so it's slow curing between each stage.
This is what I got so far. I use painters tape to help me form his skirt parts. Hacked up his shirt to fit my torso frame better. Stripped off the paint with Acetone. Made a basis for his shoulders, and now I'm working on his chest plate armor.