Kamui K's WIP

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mahoro: putty'n

Time to sand and putty up this kit. Unfortunately, I noticed that some of the mold release is STILL being stubborn after a bath in the purple stuff.
Half of the kit is covered by this stubborn, Thai recast type mold release.
The only way I know now to remove it is to lightly sand off the stuff.
I took a relatively smooth piece as a test subject and sprayed primer on it to see if it's good enough for the primer to stick to it.
I'll have to see if the primer would rub off or not tomorrow.
*crosses fingers*

FOmar pinky:st : Making glasses

I felt like neglecting my pinkys lately. So I wanted to continue a bit with my lovely FOmar project. This time, playing around with glasses. Half the time, I use this hair style for my character while online, so I wanted to start with this head type. And it looked relatively easy compared to the other stuff. This is what I have so far for the glasses. And taking a closer look at his side burns, I made them totally wrong. So it's back to the drawing board with his hair...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

1/7 UTA KATA: sculpting skirt

I finally found time to work a bit more on my elf archer. This time, it's the vague shape of the skirt I wanted on her. But better than those silly ruffle stuff, no? Time to let this cure over night. So onto another project...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

1/7 UTA KATA: removing skirt.

Well, while Mahoro's taking a second bath and drying from the stubborn mold release, I felt like working on this conversion idea I had with Uta Kata. She SO looks like she wants to be an elven archer. And I really wanted more fantasy kits in my collection. So here goes...
I really hated those ruffles on her skirt. And they were thick pieces of resin. So I had to drill holes all around to break off the ruffles. Then, I had to fill in the gaps with putty to see were her legs connects to her clothes. And leave dry overnight.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

1/6 Lei Fei: test fitting +diorama

During test fitting, I've noticed that her leg has been slightly warped in an angle were it extends a bit too far for a flat base. Well, to make the most out of it, I might as well make a base that'll work with this alteration. I invision her standing on wide steps. I plan to make a railing in the background, and set a Chinese Lion statue on the end of the steps.
I've never really liked this character. So I'm doing a few further alterations of my own. I've already removed her thick, fighting bracelts and plan to add a traditional jade braclet on her. She's in a nice China dress, so she should dress like a proper lady, no?
I also plan to close her open toe shoes into a proper evening dress attire. And place either a chinese fan or sword into her left hand. Some times, Japanese designers just doesn't make Chinese characters chinese enough to me.
So here's my take.
I"ll probably work on her on and off....

Mahoro: Pinning continues

Still testing pieces and seeing were they go.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Razig: Color testing pants + belt

A lot of base coating here and a rough highlights. I wanted to highlight the black paints and shoes with blue. And use a dark green on his belt and scabbard to go with the purple cloak. I'll worry about smoothing out the layers tomorrow. This was basically a test to see if the colors go well together. I think they look fine together, no?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Razig: Coat

Hmm... even doing a rush job, I don't think I can finish him by Thursday night. I'll just have to see.
I'm tired of seeing ppl think of pirate captains wearing red all the time. So I'd thought some purple would be nice for a change. Then again, I tend to paint alot of undead with purple.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Razig: Bones

Just finished giving him a nice dirty bone job. I didn't want him to have clean white bones since I'm planning to paint his hair white/grey anyway. I just thought a bit more variety of colors would be nice.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Razig Undead Pirate: Darklining

I promised a friend over at the IPMS meetings that I'd try and finish this miniature he got me months ago. And I haven't really started exept for sanding.
Well, since it's quicker for me to paint up a miniature, I'll try and crank this one out. As you can see, I've downloaded pics as reference in the background.

1/6 Mahoro -Battle Suite: Mold release test

One of my next kit projects would be this 1/6 Mahoro in battle suite.
I've done my 1st attempt of washing her with a dish soap bath over night. And when test fitting her together, I've noticed that the masking tape would not adhere to certain parts of her legs. That means mold release is still there.
*grumble grumble*
It's deciding to be more stubborn again. Time to take another bath in stronger cleaning fluids.
But before I did that, I wanted to play with her a bit and noticed her sweet action pose. And thought, wouldn't she look nice with a set of wings and a change of weapon with a sci-fi spear? Man, if only I had the time to make all these conversion ideas of mine.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Felicia: Finished!

Stayed up all night to finish this one. Check out my site for more detailed pics.
She's also up for sale. Just contact me for a quote.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Felicia: Painting base

You wouldn't think it, but it took me awhile to finish painting a simple piece of rock. Mostly cause I had to wait for the previous colors to dry before going onto drybrushing more different colors on there. I think I used 7+ colors in there. Though the dark colors seems to want to mute all the colors in there. (for good or bad). Now onto the fun part, flocking. :)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Felicia: Eyes

I didn't like how I did her eyes the first time around. So I spent a little more time with it tonight. I've shaded the upper white areas to fade white to light grey as you go north. And her green eyes has nice lighter shades as you get closer to the iris. Though since her odd position, I couldn't really use my tripod at the time, so the pic may not show off the details I've described. Hopefully, when she's all done, I'll be able to take better shots.