Kamui K's WIP

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pinky: Kamina Ayato -Rahxephon

As much as I want to complete my FOmar pinky:st figure, I'm stumped at the moment, waiting to get supplies for the details he'll need, like jewelry jump rings for his section ID holder, and etching saws to scribe in linear details on his cloth.
In the mean time...
I've been enjoying the Rahxephon series lately since G4 is airing it on friday nights. I've read mixed reviews stating it's a rip off of Evangelion. I can see lots of similarities, but I wouldn't go far as to saying they blantly ripped off of Eva. It's more like they're the same genre, but have their own unique flavor to the series. And frankly, I'm enjoying this one better than Eva. More interesting world, characters, and less fan service and tech-jargen. Things seems more mystical/relic like. Loosely similiar to Escaflowne, IMO. The story does seem to go on too slow, but in the end, it makes me crave for more info on the character backgrounds and the history of the world events.

With this new found enthusiasm, and my craving for more male kits, I've decided to attempt to make a pinky of the main character, Kamina Ayato. Though a pinky isn't a kit, this is a good learning step for me to improve on my meager sculpting abilities.

These pinkys are female, so I searched around for a top that would fit his casual shirt. Stripped off the paint with a Q-tip and acetone, cut off his arms. And started to give him a higher callor , plus extended his shirt since it goes past his belt. The waist is too slim to smooth out and blend into the extended shirt area. So I had to fill in the waist, and hopefully, make him look a bit more male. I've also took shots of how I'm working on his bangs (which I thought was the most distinguishing mark on his character). The pink putty is super sculpty. I'm basically trying to test out more strand placement before I perminantly sculpt it in with Magic Sculpt.

Reference pic for myself. I wish I found more scetches of him, and larger ones too.


Mahoro: The sanding continues

Last minute look over to see any imperfections before painting starts. And of course, I still spot some areas to go over. No problem here. It just means painting is around the corner. And thankfully, painting is faster than prepping a kit.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Mahoro: fixing details

Alright then. After the putty cured, I went on in and filed away till I got a neat thin line. But apparently, magic sculpt wasn't hard enough to hold itself into a thin line like I wanted. I needed to mix in some other putty to make it harder to withstand my filing. Ah well....
A different approach, glueing on a thin wire in sections till it all went on. This seemed to work the best since I got a nice evenly sized line. My only concern now is if the wire is visually thicker than the presculpted lines on there.
That would suck big time if I had to try yet again, but with a thinner wire. Well, I primed it again to see it better. I guess I'll have to stare at it tomorrow till it dries.

In the mean time, I primed the rest of her to double check any flaws. The actual painting process shouldn't be long now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

PSO pinky's

Ah ha! I knew other fans out there would make pinky's of each class. I once saw small pics of his worwks and after months of searching, I've finally found his blog. Woo hoo!
More reference pics for me!
And FINALLY. Male pso pinkys.

Though of course I'm making my own adjustments since my outfit is slightly different with his own dark green color.







And tons of various custom characters for reference parts.

Non PSO, but good tuturials.

Mahoro: adding missing details -continue

After sanding down and making everything smooth, I primed in those areas to see the currect status. Then in the front area, I added a thin strip of putty. Cured it over night. Then took my razor blade and cut off thin pieces at a time till I had a thin enough line, going down in it's proper place. I'll have to smooth things out a bit more, then reprime again to see if I'm happy with the results.
Now to do the same on the back side.

FOmar pinky:st -skirt

It's not exactly a skirt. But I have no idea what to call that bottom part of his outfit. I'm just trying now to smooth everything out evenly. And try to make everything symetrical.
Plus working on his collor detail for now.

Microman: limited edition blanks

Some online buddies pointed out to me these wonderful blank figures that are meant to be used as armatures for custom jobs for the Microman series. And after checking out some pics of Summer WF, were someone used them to make various pso characters, I had to get a set and try my hand at it sometime. But these were exclusives for Toys R Us in Japan only. So I had to dig around and find them online. I'm just playing with them here to get the feel of their articulation. And I'm surprised at how small they are. (about 4").

Friday, September 09, 2005

FOmar pinky:st -pony tail details

While Mahoro's curing, time to play with left over putty...
After being stumped a bit on the pony tails, I've learned that I need some kind of reference pic as a guide. And for some reason, Mahoro's head didn't accure to me till I was checking her head for more gaps to fill.
Hey.... She's got a pony tail....
And a good reference she was. I've learned a few things by study'n Mahoro's head.
For one thing, the bottom were the hair meets the neck, the hair line is angled almost like a V shape. With a tiny upside down U in the center. Pinky's are SD figures, so I'll just settle with the V shape for now.
As you can see in the before pic, all I did was scribe in random long and short lines in a vague round, hair lined shape, concentrating towards the center. (This style fits more of an old grandmother's hair rolled in a bun look). On Mahoro, her scribed lines doesn't seem random, but neat. So I tried to replicate that and I think it turned out better. I'll just finish scribing on the lower areas.
Hmm.... the hair on the very bottom looks more like teeth or spikes compared to Mahoro, and protrude too much from the neck. I'll try and do it over again once cured. I'm also spacing out the "V"s too much. I've been using 2 different sized putty knives. I guess the only thinner tool I have is my box cutter.
Till next time...

Mahoro: Filling gaps

I've noticed when assembling her breast plate and arms, they wouldn't fit snugly against each other cause of gaps. So it's time to fill them in. Even though you couldn't see the gaps on the surface, it's still a good idea to fill in the gaps so that the parts wouldn't move around come assembling time. That, and crazy glue works best when 2 flat surfaces are pressed hard against each other. And as you can see, I've stuck in large pins so that the putty inside doesn't cure over the pin holes I've made. And the pins are extra long so that I could easily pull them out once cured. Even though when I've rubbed jelly on the pins, they still manage to stick to the putty inside to some degree. So hopefully by tomorrow, they won't put up much of a fight with me.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Mahoro: adding missing details

Well, with her behind, there is a missing detail on her plug suite with the ridges seperating the 2 colors. You can see the correct part on the white resin area, but it's missing on the grey primed area. So, to fix this up, it's time to attach the 2 parts and make sure they're smoothed out properly. Then add on the ridge later on.

Mahoro: mold release test results

Well, the primer held up better than I thought. But in the nooks and crannys, you can see sanding away the mold release was more difficult in those spots. So the primer didn't stick onto the resin over there. Time to sand more carefully and reprime. And since I'm going to reprime, I might as well try and correct as many seem lines and imperfections at this stage. Hence the white, gray, and red putties you'll see in my pics; all with their different consistencies.