Kamui K's WIP

Monday, November 28, 2005

Mahoro: Basecoating & shading skintones

My camera is coroporating again so I could take upclose pics of her eyes and the skintones so far.
She looks as if she's on the fair/light skintone gal, so I tried not to go too crazy with the shading. Just a little here and there to bring out her features.

Mahoro: Test fitting boots

Finally starting to put parts together.
Her boots fit snugly. Alright!

Mahoro: Eyes reflection

I don't know what you call it, but I finally added the white reflective parts onto her eyes before I have to move onto her skintones.
I just had to go slow and add little by little till they're both symetrical.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mahoro: Different finishes for red

I just wanna take a shot of both finishes to see the differences side by side. In the end, it'll all probably be dullcoted matte.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Mahoro: Shading reds

Hmm.... the shading looks so subtle, it's hard to tell under this light. There's several ways to shade red, but I went down the more magenta/purple route. Maybe it's time to add some grey/black into the mix so that we could actually see the shading better.
The reflection on the plastic is also throwing off the colors. I'll take better pics next time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mahoro: Pinning bullets/gun

Touching up the red colors here and there for the armor parts. Putting that aside to dry, time to move onto something else. I thought it would be easier if I paint and assemble her hand parts to her arms before attaching the arms to the body. So to prepare for that, I've started putting the bullets into the gun with their respectable pin. Fill in the hole on top. And wait over night to dry before sanding & touch ups. It seems the 3rd bullet is nearly submerged into the gun. O-well... At least you can see all 3 at an overhead shot.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mahoro: Basecoating red

Standard stuff. Just pile'n on layers and layers of red till it's all smooth and uniform. Hopefully, the no name brand of bright red I have will coroporate with me. 95% of my paints are historical based, which means dull, earthtoned colors. And I'm lacking a bright red. Unfortunately for me, red's one of those tricky colors were you can't simply add on other colors to "brighten or darken" it with other paints. You just simply have to get the right kind of red straight out of the bottle.
Note to self: BUY one of Vallejo's bright red paints...

Mahoro: Gloss finish suite

After slowly going over and checking to make sure the black lines are smooth and straight by hand, I sealed her in a durable gloss finish. It doesn't look too bad glossy, but I'm thinking a semi-gloss finish would make her suite look nice. Or just go back to the flat finish? I believe her red & grey parts are armor, so make those glossy in the end? If so, what about her boots?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mahoro: Sanding black edges

While the relatives are away, the modelers can play....
*evil grin*
Ok. Now that everyone's asleep, I can't go to sleep myself till I do some kind of modeling work done today. (I guess it's stress releaving most of the time). So I've fixed the black spot that was accidentally sprayed onto her grey, back chest. And I've sanded down the black edges to blend smoothly into the unpainted areas. Paint a thin layer of black to see if the edges are gone, rinse, lather, repeat till it's all seamless.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Holiday clean up :(

I'm not looking forward to the holidays and visiting relatives.
Well, because of them, I had to get control of my stuff and pack them all away in fear of parts being lost or damaged.
I didn't think of taking a "before" shot (and believe me, it was getting pretty bad). But here's all my kits and miniatures all packed away into a corner. And I had to scrap tons of boxes just to make them fit in there.
Good bye for now hobby tables...
Well, at least some of my WIP kits are neatly organized.

For my sanity, I'll have to try to sneak in time for my hobbies while they're visiting. But it's kinda difficult to work with everything packed away. Dam ppl who want to socialize and talk about nonsense.
Man, I'm such a hermit at heart.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mahoro: Reference pics.

A bit too late, but I might as well study how this painter finished his version up.
I finally found the painter's website from where the reference pics came from.

And now looking at these better pics, it seems that on her back vest, the painter added a bit of mettalic silver on the bottom area. And since I couldn't find a reference pic from the anime or manga of her backside of her battlesuite, I'll just have to assume that the silver is suppost to be there.
Anyone else knows otherwise? Please inform me if it's wrong.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pinky: Lacus Clyne

With so many pinky customs of Lacus Clyne out there, I thought I might as well start my own for practice. So far, I've just made a vague shape of her bangs. There's still lots of smoothing and shaping needed on this one. This might be yet another project I started but never finish. We'll see...

Mahoro: Removing masking tape

Well, after removing the masking tape, I am yet reminded again how I suck at masking.
And knowing that, I'm glad I gave myself that extra 1-2cm distance from the orange parts. I was not willing to ruin and redo that part over again. Not when I'm satisfied with it anyways.
But unfortunately, I somehow missed a tinsy bit on her back grey area and some black leaked into the area. DOH!
Well, at least grey is easy to do over again compared to orange. Next is sanding down the edge of the black to blend into the white primer with 600 grit sandpaper.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Brooklyn Lobster: Independant movie opening weekend

Help save the farm!
My brother inlaw has been helping the Jordan brothers for almost 2 years now on their independant film that takes place in our neighborhood and local restaurant.
And it's finally being released this weekend.
If you're in the neighborhood (Sheapsheadbay, Brooklyn, NY), please help them out and go check out the film this weekend.
And if you're too far, please support them anways by purchasing a ticking online through the links provided below from Fandango or moviephone.

Good independant films (much like anime in theaters) needs more support.

I've watched their previous movie (Smileing Fish, Goat on Fire), and enjoyed it. It's one of those feel good movies through various family relationships & trials, despite the whimsical and strange title.

Here's a synopsis and more info on the film:
Hello All,

For those not in the know, here's a little info on the film...

It's called 'Brooklyn Lobster' and it is based on the director, Kevin Jordan's familybuisness,Jordan's Lobster Dock in Sheepshead Bay, right across the street from the UA movie theater.It isa true independent film and almost two years in the making.

Jordan's will be closing it's doors. Unless of course, the film does well and we can save the farm.

The movie is based on the Jordan's shop and it's impending doom. Some years ago the Jordan's took out a loan to expand the dock into a restaurant, halfway through building it the bank forclosed and the FDIC called the loan in full (a few million dollars). They were unable to pay back the loan and the dock went up on the auctioning block. It has been an ongoing, downhill court battle to keep the Dock under the Jordan's control and it has been going on for nearly a decade. But the end is near and the Jordan's can longer stall the courts.

Which is why it is so important the film does well. With your help maybe we can save the dock.

We do not have a big studio backing us, so we formed our own distribution company and are paying for everything ourselves, from the pre-production to the actually filming to the post-production and now advertising and promotions. And because we do not have the money for TV commercials, radio ads, subway and bus stopswe are hoping that grass roots promotions will work.

The film opens this tomorrow at the Village East on 12th St. in Manhattan and at the UA Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, check www.moviefone.com and www.fandango.com for showtimes and tickets. I have been super busy with the website, creating ads for the local newspapers and magazines, putting up posters and handing out postcards and flyers to help promote the film.

It is hugely important that the film does well it's opening weekend in order to insure a long run and the possibilitiy of expanding to more theaters and additional cities. We need as much support as possible. Even if you cant make it, just buy a ticket online, especially for the morning and afternoon shows.It doesn't matter how many people are sitting in the theaters it just matters how many tickets are sold. Please send the theater info and attached jpg to everyone you know.

If and when the film goes wide and we make a ton of money I will personally take you all out to dinner.


Armatures + Pinky size comparisons

Just for reference perposes, I took a shot of the different hobby figures I've been playing with and thought others might be curious too.

Mahoro: Painting black

Well, since I primed her in white, hand painting black onto white would take many, many layers. So to speed things up, I masked off the orange areas, and sprayed her with flat black from an aerosol can. It's hard to highlight black, but I figure this way it's just so much quicker to deal with.

And my previous masking attempts came out a bit messy on the edges. So with this in mind, I kept 1 or 2cm away from the orange areas to be hand painted on. I trust my hand stills to keep the perfect line than this tape would. We'll see how clean the masking was tomorrow when it dries.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

pinky: Ayato's hair

I'm still playing around with his hair on and off. I'm still not satisfied with the hair extentions to the right. But I had extra putty left over the other night, so I made a general basis of his hair on the other side. Plus I smoothed out his shirt a bit more. And swapped out his legs to those that fits his colors more.