Kamui K's WIP

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Joker: Finished!

Stayed up all night till 7am to finish him on time cause of all the waiting for various layers of paint, glue, and finishes to dry before moving onto the next steps.
Watching paint dry is no fun.
Ok. Here's a small pic of the finished product. I'll have to edit and update my gallery soon. In the mean time, I need to sleep.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Joker: Chair + suite

I've been done with the throne part, and the inner shirt + jacket. I've basecoated and shaded the purple on his suite for now. All that's left is painting on the stripes, shoes, and hands.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Joker: Hair

Just got done with his hair 'n eye brows, with highlighting the raised ends. Then sealed it. I'll have to check back if the sealant killed my highlighting works. And took a better shot/angle of his face. In this shot, you can see the 5 layers of weathering effect on his teeth. I thought it would look too unatural if they were too sparkling white.
All that's left here are the reflections on his pupils.
Whew. I'd say the face was the hardest paint work on this kit. Everything else (painting wise) should be easier. And I'm amazed with the amount of details on his head alone. I can't see how someone would use an airbrush. You gotta get a #000 detail paint brush to get in there and flesh things out. And drybrushing would just make a mess of things, IMO.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Joker: Teeth + lips detail

I weathered his teeth a bit and made his eyes more menicing. Onwards to his hair and eyebrows.
And I've finally put together his 5 part hand + gun. Time to prime.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Joker: Making cane + shading skintone

Well, for some reason, his left hand seems to fit, but is left levitating from the arm chair. To make his hand rest on the arm rest requires resculpting a huge gap were his folds/cloth would be by his elbow.

So other kit builders out there have subsituded items in his hand. But for me, I invision a cane for some reason. Here you can see a shot of the basis for the cane. And the after shot when I have sculpted the handle and bottom area. I don't have wire bending tools to make the cane handle perfect. Nor is the handle in one piece. It has to be in pieces and filed to the shape and thickness without the hand to avoid damaging it.

As for the face, I've tried painting the eyes first since it's the hardest part of the face, but the miscasted face was just too unbearable to work with. I had to go in there and fix the eyes after all with putty. His left eye was missing his pupil. And his right eye wasn't in the same oval shape as the other and had a large pit seperating the pupil and white area. This made it very difficult to make the eyes match each other. (if you go check out some finished kits of this, you can see how uneven the eyes can be).
So, I had to fill them in, prime to check if it's smooth. Then move onto outlining.
I first outline the eyes, lids, pupils, and his teeth since these are the deepest parts of his face.
Then moved onto the 1st shading stage with the overall basic skintone, then seal.

Mohoro: Basecoating hair

The usual. Back to painting while waiting for the putty to dry on the Joker's cane.
Though more coats of purple/blue is still needed to get it all smooth and even.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Joker: Throne primed

Primed in gray at first to see any flaws in my putty work. Fixed minor flaws, then onwards to prime in white. Leave to dry over night and hopefully start painting on it by tomorrow.

Mahoro: Shoulder pads + hands test fitting

While the Joker is drying off, it's time to work on Mahoro again.
Some how during assembly, her left hand doesn't fit snuggly anymore. Some putty and painting is required to make her hand properly cover the other. I'm glad I waited till now to assemble them rather than earlier.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Joker: Putty'n + sanding continues...

Attached his flower to his shirt. Test fitting his left hand. Fixing the gap on his torso by extending his shirt. (And I think he looks better this way). Sanding, putty'n, and scribing in his lines on his knees.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Joker: assembling + putty

Various shots of the joker in different stages of work. To assemble the parts, I try to super glue the pieces together, then fill in the gaps with kneadatite since the putty is strong and sticky. Then smooth things out with the red putty. Unfortunately, I've heard & seen from other modelers that this Joker's left arm was casted hovering over the arm chair. He SO wants to be holding a cane right there. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to modify this kit tho. So I'll just have to leave him as the sculptor intendid him to be.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Joker: Cutting flash + filling

This is a horizon original vinyl kit of Joker sitting on his throne (7" tall).
First I had to wash the mold release off of him. Then carefully cut out all the flash. Then test fit all the pieces together. And fix any warped parts. For the bottom parts of the kit, I had to fill them in with various putties to give them weight. And the top areas I used compact plastic bags. It seems to do the job.

Mahoro: Assembling arms + armor

I realized that I had to assemble her arms first before adding her hands afterall. Otherwise, I run a risk of her hands & guns not facing each other well. Added putty into the holes & pin 'n just waiting for it to cure before painting it black.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Mahoro: Eye brows & touch ups

Spent the past days finishing up the last touches on Mahoro's face. Pinking up her lips, drawing in the lashes 'n eye brows, dullcote to seal, and gotta go back in there to regloss her eyes. I'm also putting together her gun into her hand. This was in 3 pieces and I've been slowly trying to make the little parts look seemless when assembled together with more putty, priming, and painting. In here, you can still faintly make out were I pinned the parts together in the center of her hand. More layers of paint are needed, only to find that I still need more sanding and putty'n. Rince, lather, repeat....