Kamui K's WIP

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mahoro: Packing kit for shipment

I've finally found a good density foam that's needed to hold Mahoro in place within the inner box I'm shipping her in. I wanted a foam that's soft enough to sqeeze, but sturdy enough to suspend a completed kit within a box when cut up right. And as you can see here, she's hovering when you cut out the foam the same size as the girth of the box. Add a part for the head as well and fill in the rest with peanut foam. This way, I hope that her hair parts (my biggest worry) wouldn't be knocked around during transit. Then off she goes.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Onegai 01: More Hair extentions continues...

Just an update on the progress so far. As usual, just more hair extentions.
Plus I've assembled the pieces to make sure the extentions I've made doesn't get in the way with the other seperate parts. Here, you can see a huge gap within 2 parts that needs major filling.
Till next time...

Monday, February 20, 2006

PSO: Red Ring Rico + HUnewearl kits

A new PSO released kit this winter WF 2006. But unfortunately, she's only available at the convention. Japan's copyright laws are cruel sometimes.

A WIP HUnewearl kit.

And these HUnewearl pinky:st figures I've been watching for a while. IMO, he's got to be the best converter of PSO pinky figures. And I'm grateful he takes in depth details on his works for fans like me who'd want to emulate his works. :)


Also another HUnewearl & FOnewearl pinky:st WIP site.

And a tuturial on how to mod your pinkys more into stikfas/dolls accessories.

A dedicated PSO fan who made his own HUnewearl. Plus mag kits!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Pinky:st -FOmar sketching details

I just wanted to draw out some guide lines for myself to see the overall finished product. Plus it'll help when I'll need to scribe in the details in the future.
Making his armor chest plate is trickier than I thought. His posture is slightly leaning to one side, so making his chest plate (and everything else) centered and symetrical is getting hard.

Onegai 01: More Hair extentions, Continutes

Just an update on what I have so far. I've finally finished all the extensions on another lock of hair (the one to the far left). That bunch had all it's ends broken off. So it took some time for me to add on the missing pieces one at a time, doing more at once would risk breaking a previous part that hasn't been securely cured 'n glued.

I've also managed to add on a few other parts and have started using plasticard on the really small hair tips to get that crisp angled edge. And the hair extentions continues...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Onegai 01: Reference pics

Found the original sculptor's site and his gallery on his kit, in case I need to see what parts goes where.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pinky:st -Fomar, skirt trim & section ID

Snowed in the past weekend so I got to work a bit on 3 of my projects. Including getting a bit further with my FOmar pinky. I'm using milliput super fine, white cause it dries hard and keeps sharp edge details. Hopefully the skirt trim is symetrical enough and I'm working on his section ID holder and chest armor. Plus I've added a sword that looks very close to the Ancient Saber in the game.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Onegai 01: More Hair extentions

Just moving onto the other hair parts and their broken tips. It's getting trickier now with these smaller parts and tight confined spaces between the strands. How on earth were these made to begin with?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

PSO: FOmar & HUmar WIP kits!

In my hunt for more reference pics on the back side of the FOmar for my pinky project, I stumbled upon this guy's site which has WIP shots of a HUmar and FOmar kit, based on the official character designs.
And he had plans to make the RAcaseal as well.
Unfortunately, he hasn't updated in months, so I hope he didn't drop the projects all together. Though he mentions the up coming WF....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Metallic experiments up loaded

I was curious on the type of metallic effects I can achieve beyond mini painting. So I painted a few and took pics.
I still have more to experiment with, but here's what I got for now. In the mean time, I've opened up a section on my site for future projects as well.

Mahoro: Basing round 2

Finally dished out my lighting set up to take some better pics of the bases.
Unfortunately, the plastics store I shop at to get cheap square/rectangular acrylic bases closed shop and I had to buy these 5" circular bases from their higher priced competitors. Sorry, but I have to pass on the extra charges onto my clients for now (at least for these acrylic bases). And for some reason, all hobby shops I rely on online are sold out of the 5" bases. Plus the 3" bases that were in stock didn't fit this 1/6 kit.
So I ended up getting this transparent orange base. It was either this, or a thick black one at a higher price cause of the more material involved.
Damit. I miss my old store... This new store doesn't even have a lot of options.

And on the other is my black gloss over a wooden base. At least unworked wooden bases are still about $2. Though my wood working skills aren't that great and clean. I find it more difficult to work with compared to resin. :/

Though in the end, she's kinda stable on her own. But if the table is shaken a bit or bumped into, I'm afraid she'll tip over without a proper base.

Onegai 01: Test priming hair.

Second round after dropping + breaking the hair to peices. I cursed myself for over estimating the strength of these bamboo skewers. And wouldn't be satisfied till I spent the next following days on vigorous sanding to get it all back together. ACK!
Sorry for the slight delays.
Well, at least these 2 parts are look'n good so far. 5 more hair parts to go...
*sigh* I can't wait till I get painting again.