Kamui K's WIP

Friday, March 31, 2006

Pinky:st -Hasaha : tail

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I've been having unresolved computer problems at home, so I'm unable to update and upload files as often as I'd like. And without pics, my updates are pretty much useless.

Here's the only uncorrupted file that made it's way to a temperary computer. In here, I've been working on Hasaha's fox tail by adding putty where I see fit to keep it's round shape and curves. Then sanded it all down to make it look seemless.

Rest assured, I've made more progess on this and my other projects as well. But I'll post them up seperately when I figure out a way to post my other pics.

Till next time.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pinky:st -Hasaha from Summon Night

I recently stumbled upon a resin kit of her and just fell in love with it. Some ppl are into cat folks, I perticularly like foxes. And since I can't have nor find the resin kit version, I'll settle with making my own sd pinky version. I took the top and bottom body parts from seperate figures and would have to resculpt the sleeves a bit. Here's the beginnings of her ears and fox tail. And I'll have to chop up her back hair to flair out a bit more. But so far, just the beginnings of her...

Pinky:st -FOmar hat details + etching

Added shoulder pads and more detail added to the hat after drawing them in earlier. I left the center diamond area empty in hopes that I could find some sticker jewel in the future for it. I'm rather stumped on the little peak on the center bottom of the hat. It doesn't look as good as I'd thought. Also, scribing in details with the photo etching saws isn't as easy as I thought. Lots of deviated lines and mess-ups accured. I guess I'll have to practice more with these saws to get the hand of it.

I was really inspired to design my FOmar after Shines's rendition of her fomar. It's not accurate to the game graphix exactly, but her alterations are an improvement IMO. These 2 perticular drawings really struck a cord with me. And as you can see, she altered her hat as well with a slight peak. Either I'm misinterpreting it. Or it just doesn't look that impressive in 3D.
And here, you can see a better shot of the sword that resembles the Anceint Saber. Plus in the background, I've been working a bit on a future Twinkle Star.