Kamui K's WIP

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Onegai 01: panties -change of color

A request came in to change her white panties to dark pink ones. Here it's just basecoated and a darker purple for shadowing is to come.
I've also cleaned up the side of her thigh were the pin hole was drilled and the joint where her thigh meets her panties. Layers of white primer were added to cover up the putty work.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Onegai 01: Shading panties

After shading her skintones, her white underwear wasn't white anymore. So I had to repaint her panties back to pure white. Masked off the skintone areas, then shaded the white with a mixture of grey and other colors.

Next comes attaching her other leg together. I've purposely avoided painting the surounding area of the pin hole I made. Here I'm using a new putty (to me anyways) called Tamiya Fast Dry Putty, which is yellow in color.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PSO HUnewearl kit -WHF23

Another convention came and went. And this time around, another HUnewearl kit has surfaced.
PSO maybe dying, but there's still a few dedicated fans around.



Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pinky:st collection

I've recently aquired a piece of furniture that would allow me to take all my pinky figs out of their box and display them. What I like about this is that I'm able to section them off into categories:
Customs, standard completed figs, Special + limited Ed., single extra parts, doubles/customizable parts, accessories, unassembled customs, etc...
Careful for new comers...
Pinky:st collecting are highly addictive.

Onegai 01: Shading skintone

Here I took shots at each stage during shading and a pic of just the basecoat for comparison.
From the basecoat to 1st shading attempt, the difference is subtle, yet noticable. The 2nd attempt had to bring out the depressions in a more obvious way. Since she's going to be a pink/red head, her skintone should be more on the pink side as well (something I was taught about human complections). It's just my camera always making my skintones more yellow than it should. But at least you could make out the gradients I've made.