Kamui K's WIP

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pinky:st -FOnewearl PSU shirt

Here's the progress I've made so far with this new PSU character.
Woo-oo! It's the 25th and PSU should be out by now!
I'm using all my will power to not pick up the game till I finish this figure first (among other projects). Lord knows once I pick up the game, I'll never get back to finishing her.

Here I've tacked on a 2 handed sword, kinda making her a HUnewearl for the time being. But that's only cause of finding out how difficult it was trying to make a symetrical rod for her. Ah well. Any weapon would do for now.
I'm also waiting for the white putty to dry over so I could smooth things over tomorrow. Then add on those arm bands of hers later on.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Onegai 01: Taking pictures

Finally finished with her and trying to take good pics. With my new lighting set up, it's been taking a lot of trial 'n error. There's too much saturation here 'n there. And again, my camera pics up too much yellow for some reason. And just like Mahoro, you can't make out the shading on her skin. That and you can't make out any beige/pink colors I've added to the skin tones. But funny enough, the pics on the previous posts didn't have this problem. Time to try out new bulbs and other options....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pinky:st -FOmar shoes

I've taken shoes from another figure, altered them to a FOmar's after study'n the concept art, and stuck them onto this thin framed legs option. This way, his skirt still fits, and his pants flairs out to almost bell bottoms. Well, you only get to see his shoes anyways.

Onegai 01: arm finished!

I spent the last days properly covering 'n shading her new area to match the rest of her shirt. The red lines indicate the new putty work I've made to lessen the depth of the gaps before, while trying to keep the folds look'n natural. Well, now she's done! Time to prepare a proper base for her since she's still not all that sable. And hopefully, I'll have time for detailed pics this week.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nadia: test fitting

I thought it's about time to start up this wonderful Nadia kit done by F-Face. Lots of delicate parts, but thankfully the quality casting is pretty good to work with. The mold release is being stubborn again (hence the shiny surfaces). Time for another bath for this one, but with stronger chemicals.

Onegai 01: putty + arm

Just some shots on the gap of the arm after gluing and attaching it to the body. I've forgotten to take pics of the previous arm, so here's another go. As you can see, there's a slight crack from the front view. But in the back, there's a huge gap cause the 2 body shirt parts didn't fit well together. So the 2 arms here have to suffer a bit as a result.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pinky:st -FOnewearl PSU

Well, after 5 years, a true sequel is coming in the name of Phantasy Star Universe. :)
And I've been working on and off on a pinky version of a newearl. The outfit she has on just reminds me of a force more. And I plan to give her a FO staff anyways. Here's just a quick attachment of various test characters for example. A mix of pig tails from one, ears + outfit and shoes from another. One of these days, I'll finish off my FOmar.
One of these days....

Onegai 02: Test fitting

I believe this is a Ryuji sculpt and his works are always beautiful. I've done some test fitting here and as I thought, her hair is a nightmare to deal with cause of the Thai quality material. This was originally made to be casted with bendable resin so that the hair parts would easily bend to her body during assembly. But looking closely at it now, I'm not sure if it's possible to work with this at all without devoting a TON of time breaking up the hair pieces to try and make it all come together.

There's several gaps between nearly every piece. Many of her hair parts seem to float off her arms and shoulders and refuses to touch each other. There's even a section I couldn't even attempt to put together (indicated with bars of red) cause it's made up of little delicate parts that just plain doesn't fit together, each are too warped. So I'm kinda stumped on this one. I like this sculpt, but the material I have here makes it nearly impossible to work with.
I'll play around with her hair more. Perhaps I'll brain storm something here.

Onegai 01: hair finished + finger nails

Sorry for the lack of updates. Since last time, I've been done with her hair and have painted some color on her finger tips to simulate finger nails. This casting was bad enough to have lost the fingernail details. So I just tried my best to imagine where the finger nail shape falls into. Both hands were done this way. It's just difficult to take shots on her left hand. I've also touched up her pupils with some purple. But it's so dark in there, it's hard to tell if there's a noticable difference without some flashlight glaring straight into her. Next step, attaching her arm and the last of the putty work. Then she's finally done.