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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Volks 1/6 27cm male dolls / armatures

Fed up with the lack of pretty guy figures in the resin kit and miniature hobby, I'm reaching out a bit into the Japanese custom dolls hobby and got a few.
If anything, they double as armature references for various projects.

I have enough hobbies as it is, so I'm not going in depth with these just yet. But they could be pricey and the attention to detail for them could be just as insane as the modeling kit hobby.

But for now, at least I bought clothes for them. My guy preferences are the tall, dark handsome type (stereotype'n, I know), office guys, uniforms, priests, and they MUST have glasses. I dunno. I just find glasses really sexy. :)

Here's just an example of what I'm striving for in my male dolls and what could be done with them. I MUST replicate that look when I have the spare time!

And just for reference, the 3 figures listed are Volks:

New-EB N/ Natural skin (in red shirt)

New-EB N/ Light skin (in chair)

NEO-EB GO/ GUY Color (in suite)

And a good look through for general tips: http://shineblitzon.com/broken/etc.html


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