Kamui K's WIP

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Neo Go feather necklace

I revisited my usual craft store to pick up some stuff to make accessories for my male dolls. Making jewelry isn't easy with all these tiny round objects floating around. I'm sure there's special tools I'm suppost to use and I'm doing things the hard way. But I've managed to make the appropriate sized chain + end closures that were needed.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nadia: pin holes in base

I've bathed some parts into a naphta(sp?) bath, then right into a Castrol Super Clear bath. But once after washing and scrubbing, the parts still seem shiny in some areas. But for whatever reason, the primer still seems to stick anyways. So I'm not complaining.
Here we see various imperfections on her wooden base. Bumps/lumps, and tiny pinholes dot the areas. But because of the tiny wood grain detailing, I've decided to use a different method of fixing up the base. First I made sure that I had the appropriate tiny bit size for my drill to match the same width of a styrene rod. Tiny is better, but it all depends on the size of the hole and kit. But since this is 1/10 scale, I made sure it's tiny. In pic #3, I've included a paper clip on the bottom for size reference.
Drill into the pin holes to make all the holes the same size. Dip the end of styrene rod into crazy glue and fill in holes each in turn. Then cut off. I find this method a whole lot easier. The other alternative is to slap on putty in a messy fashion, while covering up the grain details in the process. Messy and troublesome since I'd have to redo the detail work. No thanks. ;)
Now onward to the other parts.