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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Neo Go feather necklace

I revisited my usual craft store to pick up some stuff to make accessories for my male dolls. Making jewelry isn't easy with all these tiny round objects floating around. I'm sure there's special tools I'm suppost to use and I'm doing things the hard way. But I've managed to make the appropriate sized chain + end closures that were needed.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nadia: pin holes in base

I've bathed some parts into a naphta(sp?) bath, then right into a Castrol Super Clear bath. But once after washing and scrubbing, the parts still seem shiny in some areas. But for whatever reason, the primer still seems to stick anyways. So I'm not complaining.
Here we see various imperfections on her wooden base. Bumps/lumps, and tiny pinholes dot the areas. But because of the tiny wood grain detailing, I've decided to use a different method of fixing up the base. First I made sure that I had the appropriate tiny bit size for my drill to match the same width of a styrene rod. Tiny is better, but it all depends on the size of the hole and kit. But since this is 1/10 scale, I made sure it's tiny. In pic #3, I've included a paper clip on the bottom for size reference.
Drill into the pin holes to make all the holes the same size. Dip the end of styrene rod into crazy glue and fill in holes each in turn. Then cut off. I find this method a whole lot easier. The other alternative is to slap on putty in a messy fashion, while covering up the grain details in the process. Messy and troublesome since I'd have to redo the detail work. No thanks. ;)
Now onward to the other parts.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Pinky:st Fonewearl dress update

Just another look at the progress on my PSO/PSU customs before I pack them away while guests were over for the holidays.
Added the inner shirt collar with the green putty, cleaned up the edges, and repositioned the arms with twin daggers.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Volks 1/6 27cm male dolls / armatures

Fed up with the lack of pretty guy figures in the resin kit and miniature hobby, I'm reaching out a bit into the Japanese custom dolls hobby and got a few.
If anything, they double as armature references for various projects.

I have enough hobbies as it is, so I'm not going in depth with these just yet. But they could be pricey and the attention to detail for them could be just as insane as the modeling kit hobby.

But for now, at least I bought clothes for them. My guy preferences are the tall, dark handsome type (stereotype'n, I know), office guys, uniforms, priests, and they MUST have glasses. I dunno. I just find glasses really sexy. :)

Here's just an example of what I'm striving for in my male dolls and what could be done with them. I MUST replicate that look when I have the spare time!

And just for reference, the 3 figures listed are Volks:

New-EB N/ Natural skin (in red shirt)

New-EB N/ Light skin (in chair)

NEO-EB GO/ GUY Color (in suite)

And a good look through for general tips: http://shineblitzon.com/broken/etc.html

Friday, December 08, 2006

25mm Sibeccai Akashic

I needed a sibeccai akashic mini for Monte Cook's Arcane Evolved role playing game. And had a specific idea in mind. Here I'm taking a Chainmail Tiefling mini and modifing her into a sibeccai. Lots of changes has to be made in order to make this work. But I'm up to the challenge.
In the end, she should look vaguely like a 25mm sized wolfen. At least, I hope she does.

First, I had to temperarily remove her legs so I can manuvour around better. Female wolfen wear somthing close to a thong to show off their powerful thigh muscles. It took a great deal of work, but I've managed to drill away the chainmail skirt and resculped an ass onto her. I've also hated the angular back muscles she has, so I filled it in a bit and rounded things off. Removed her hair to be ready for some new hair in the future. And removed the spikes on her bikini top. Next, removing her front chainmail skirt to make way for a long cloth one.

Pinky:st Fonewearl dress update

Just building her up in layers and smoothing everything out before adding more details.
I have to pay close attention to the edges and make sure they're even throughout the piece.

Nadia: stubborn mold release

Alright, this time I've soaked her for a month in clean Castrol Super Cleaner solution and still the mold release refuses to come off completely. To further test the thickness of the mold release, I've tried to sand down sections and eventually the stuff does come off. And the markings you see is another way to test the presence of mold release (if you couldn't already tell by the gloss finish).
Most of my other kits doesn't get this problem. So why does this has to happen on such a small 1/10 kit?!
Next, to soak her in different types of fluids. Napha is next. Time to bust out the chemical resistant gloves...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

PSO resin kit: FOmarl

Gah! A FOmarl kit I don't own!
Let the hunt begin....


I've also found an excellent PSU reference site.
I gotta check back often here to study the details in multiple angles:
Also a great pinky:st custom fansite:

Monday, November 27, 2006

Pinky:st -FOnewearl PSU dress

Nearly done with my Fonewearl shirt. Now onto one of the optional outfits you can buy on PSU. Now with a cute hat option you can also buy. I've also included my current progress on the higher ranked sword.